World's First Privacy Glass Selected by Toyota for Alphard/Vellfire Models

24 Jan 2018

TOKYO (January 24, 2018) – UV Protect 400™, the world's first new privacy glass by NSG Group, has been selected by Toyota Motor Corporation for the rear window, slide door window and rear quarter window of the new Alphard/Vellfire models which went on sale January 8, 2018.

Compared with conventional privacy glasses, UV Protect 400™ has shown to cut nearly 99%*1 of the long-wavelength ultraviolet rays, including 370nm~400nm, while improving the ability to cut infrared rays by more than 90%*2. Installed in the Alphard Executive Lounge/Executive Lounge S and Vellfire Executive Lounge/Executive Lounge Z models, the new privacy glass is expected to contribute to their design concept for a "large, high-grade saloon with the feeling of exceptional luxury and relaxation."

Manufacturing of the new privacy glass has been made possible by NSG Group's technology and experience in the float method. Towards the goal of becoming a "VA (value-added) Glass Company," NSG Group will continue to pursue the potential of advanced technologies.

(Photo by Toyota Motor Corporation)

*1 ISO13837 Standard(300nm-400nm) Measured by NSG Group

*2 JIS R3106 Standard(300nm-2100nm)Measured by NSG Group

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