NSG Group's Uniquely Shaped Rear Window Glass Selected by TOYOTA's New PRIUS PHV

16 Feb 2017

TOKYO (February 16th, 2017) - NSG Group announced today that its rear window glass has been selected by Toyota Motor Corporation for the new PRIUS PHV (plug-in hybrid) which was launched on February 15, 2017.

Made possible by NSG Group’s mold design utilizing the simulation technology and proprietary rear glass press equipment, the “double bubble” rear window, with two curves and a groove in between, helps reduce drag by drawing cabin side airstream toward the rear glass.

Emotional and unique design concept of the new PRIUS PHV is aimed at generating an intuitive understanding of its advanced functionalities and the double bubble window creates an instantly recognizable rear view.

NSG Group is striving to become a “VA (value-added) Glass Company” through its sophisticated shaping technology, high value-added products and services.

(Photo: courtesy of Toyota)


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