NSG Spacia™ Cool Vacuum Glazing selected for Fukuoka City Hall

07 Apr 2016

NSG Spacia Cool vacuum glazing, manufactured and sold by Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. (NSG), has been used for the new windows of Fukuoka City Hall in southern Japan. During the City Hall renovation in May/June 2015, 670 windows in the west side of the building between the 2nd and 14th floor were replaced by this innovative product. Spacia Cool is a high-heat-insulation type of Spacia™. It can also reduce solar heat gain, offering an excellent energy saving performance throughout the year. The product is used for lowering room temperature and saving energy in both residential and non-residential buildings.

The City Hall had to address summer heat problems and save air conditioning costs, especially because of its large windows on the west side that let in the glare of late-afternoon sun. After considering several options, including heat reduction films, Spacia Cool was selected due to its high solar heat gain reduction, ease of installation, shortened panel replacement time and future maintenance cost savings.

Summer temperature readings after the renovation demonstrated that, compared with the old panels, window surface temperature was 5 degrees Celsius lower, while the sensible temperature inside the room dropped by 6.4 degrees. Spacia Cool also demonstrated high heat insulation performance due to limited condensation on glass, even during a very unusual cold blast in the south of Japan in January 2016 (Fukuoka City was hit by heavy snow on 25 January 2016 and the lowest temperature was minus 4 degrees Celsius), maintaining a comfortable environment inside the building.

The city is going to introduce further initiatives to mitigate the effects of global climate change, including the creation of subsidies for energy-saving renovations of residential buildings that are under review.

NSG Group aims to be VA Glass Company providing a wide range of value added glass products to satisfy the needs of various markets and regions.

Fukuoka City Hall

(Photo provided by Fukuoka City)