SPACIA® Contributes to High-end Apartment Restoration

25 Jan 2016

NSG Group's SPACIA, the world's first commercially available vacuum glazing, was selected for a project to restore an historic high-end apartment in the United States.

The building is 90 years old and located on Park Avenue, well-known as a luxurious residential area in New York City. SPACIA was chosen primarily for the thin glass profile and superior thermal insulation.

Historic buildings are often glazed with a single pane of monolithic glass. Because of the poor thermal performance of this glass, sitting near the windows is often uncomfortable due to the room temperature, the old windows frost up and drip in the winter, and energy efficiency is quite poor. Although the glass performance in these situations is not good, there is often a desire to maintain the original window frames to preserve a historically accurate look and feel of the building.

Conventional double glazing was considered for this project as a way to improve the building's thermal insulation and energy performance. However, it would have required a much thicker window footprint that could require more extensive renovations which are often undesirable in older buildings.

Because SPACIA can achieve equivalent or better thermal insulation in a much thinner overall window space, SPACIA is an ideal product for restoration or space limited projects. This technology is enabled by using the same two panes of glass as a standard IG, separated with only a 0.2mm vacuum layer between two panes of glass. Because the vacuum significantly reduces the heat transfer mechanisms, the thickness of the space between the panes can be dramatically reduced, thus reducing the overall window thickness.

In Europe and America, many historic buildings are well-kept and maintained. The owners and occupants want to renovate the rooms to make them more comfortable, while keeping the traditional appearance. In cases where the building is a historical landmark, the building owners often cannot install new window framing without first undergoing extensive evaluation and approval. We are actively promoting SPACIA as a unique product which can meet these requirements by marketing these features globally.

The Group is aiming to be a “VA Glass Company” by increasingly focusing on value-added (VA) products which satisfy the unique needs in each market and region.

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