New Corporate Brand for Kagami Crystal

03 Oct 2016

We are pleased to announce that Kagami Crystal Co., Ltd (HQ: Ryugasaki-city, Ibaraki; President: Hidetoshi Mochizuki, “KAGAMI”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd., will launch a new corporate branding on 1 October 2016.

KAGAMI produces high end crystal glass products and has maintained and polished exquisite and sophisticated techniques and quality, unique to Japan, since its foundation in 1934. In the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese society is experiencing an exciting change, attracting an increasing number of visitors from overseas. Kagami’s new brand is aspired to be loved beyond times and generations in this ever-changing era, supported by the long established techniques and quality.

  • Brand Concept: “Feel Japan”

    KAGAMI thrives to express a sense of “Japanese tradition and innovation” in its products. It is proud of its technical excellence and delicate style continuously developed since its foundation and hopes having a KAGAMI product will be synonymous with “Feel Japan” to everyone.

  • Brand Name:KAGAMI

    KAGAMI will also rename its corporate brand from the Japanese-denominated “Kagami Crystal” to ”KAGAMI”, to better represent the only one crystal maker in Japan cared for by many customers and supported by the techniques and quality developed and polished since 1934. Also, with a wish to be a “brand recognized by everyone both at home and abroad” the name was written using the English alphabet rather than Japanese characters. The rather inconspicuous cuts rendered at the edge of “G” and “I” in the logo express the delicateness of KAGAMI’s techniques.

  • Brand Logo

    This new logo of “K” represents cutting engraved into crystals. The three lines signify KAGAMI’s corporate approach of not being complacent with the status quo and eager to develop diverse opportunities with a sharp eye for the future.

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