Strategy & Policy - Investor Message

Making a Difference to our World through Glass Technology Keiji Yoshikawa


Founded on technological innovations in glass, NSG Group creates shareholder value by investing in sustaining those technologies. Our mission is to be the global leader in innovative high-performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to the conservation and generation of energy, working safely and ethically.

1. Long-term Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan

Since the announcement of our Long-term Strategic Vision of transforming into the “VA (value-added) Glass Company” May 2014, we have been making improvements in profitability and expanding the sales of VA products under the Medium-term Plan (MTP) aimed at building a sustainable financial position and starting to the transformation the VA Glass Company.

At the FY2017 second quarter results announcement, we provided an update on the progress of the MTP and announced the launch of MTP Phase 2, covering a three-year period from April 2017 to March 2020, together with the key measures to ensure the achievement of the MTP financial targets.
The Group also announced Financial Strategy under the MTP Phase 2 at the FY2017 third quarter results announcement.

For more information on the Long-term Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan, please visit:
Medium-term Plan(MTP) Update at FY17Q2
Medium-term Plan(MTP) Phase2 Financial Strategy

2. Sustainability

We continue to make good progress on Sustainability, ‘Making a difference to our world through Glass Technology’, reflects the role our products can have in conserving and generating energy.

I personally attach great importance to the development of a sustainable company in all senses of the word. The NSG Group places a great deal of emphasis on Sustainability, with increasingly challenging targets for the organization, particularly in our own energy saving and waste management.

We also aim to capitalize on growing demand for our products that help save and generate energy. Our aim is to make a positive environmental contribution to the key value chains in which we operate. Our objectives are further to embed Sustainability throughout the organization in all our policies. Commercially, we aim to ensure that we contribute to and benefit from current environmental trends.

Glass has a unique role to play in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the effects of climate change. The ‘energy balance’ between manufacture of high-performance glazing products and their use means that the energy used and CO2 emitted in manufacture are quickly paid back through the lifetime of the products.

3. Prospects

Over the long term, growth in demand for glass has consistently exceeded economic growth and I expect that to be the case again. Our products have always been crucial to construction, automotive, office equipment and mobile devices and that is not going to fundamentally change.

Our objective is to be our customers' preferred supplier, the preferred place for our employees to work and of course the preferred investment for our shareholders.

4. Dividend Policy

The Group’s dividend policy is to secure dividend payments based on sustainable business results.

After redemption of all the Class A Shares issued, while maintaining the above policy, the Group also continues to use the sincere efforts to declare dividends with the consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% as a guide.