Historical Relationship


  • 1826 - established in St. Helens as a partnership
  • 1849 - converted to private company, Pilkington Brothers
  • 1959 - invented the Float Process
  • 1970 - listed on London Stock Exchange as Pilkington plc
  • 2006 - acquired by NSG (through NSG UK Enterprises Ltd)


  • 1918 - established as America Japan Sheet Glass Co., Ltd
  • 1931 - changed company name to Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd.
  • 1950 - listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 1990 - invested in Libbey-Owens-Ford Co
  • 2000 - initial investment in Pilkington plc
  • 2006 - acquired all outstanding equity of Pilkington plc

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Historical Relationship between NSG and Pilkington

Establishment of NSG.  Initially established as a joint venture “ Japan-America Flat Glass., Ltd.,” invested by LOF (US) - NSG preserved dividend for LOF during the Second World War.  Later, NSG acquired LOF’s equity stakes under LOF’s request
NSG implemented the float glass manufacturing process - developed by Pilkington (first introduction into Japan)
NSG established LNS in Mexico (a 50:50 joint venture for automotive AGR manufacturing with LOF)
Pilkington acquired LOF
Pilkington and NSG entered into a RD&E Agreement in automotive glass field (global alliance)
NSG acquired 20% stake in LOF
NSG acquired 20% stake in Triplex, Pilkington’s automotive glass unit in UK
NSG acquired a 10% stake in Pilkington, in consideration for 20% in LOF, 20% in Triplex and 50% in LNS, becoming Pilkington’s largest shareholder
NSG acquired an additional 10% stake in Pilkington through the stock market, amounting to 20% interest of Pilkington
Joint research, development and engineering agreement for automotive products and processes and joint marketing approach to Japanese vehicle manufacturers