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Executive Officers and Corporate Officers

Executive Officers

Shigeki Mori Representative Executive Officer President and CEO
Clemens Miller Representative Executive Officer Executive Vice President and COO
Kenichi Morooka Representative Executive Officer Executive Vice President and CFO
Shirley Anderson Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Tony Fradgley Head of Automotive AGR SBU and Head of Automotive OE SBU
Kazuhiko Fujimaki Head of Technical Glass SBU
Koichi Hiyoshi Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and Company Secretary
Hiroshi Kishimoto Chief Corporate Planning Officer (CCPO)
Jochen Settelmayer Head of Architectural Glass SBU

Senior Corporate Officers

Ichiro Fujiki Head of Automotive OE SBU Asia
Minoru Imanishi Head of Architectural Glass SBU, Asia
Phil Ramsey Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Milena Stanisci Head of Manufacturing Excellence
Phil Wilkinson Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)

Corporate Officers

Tim Bolas Finance Director – Operations
Kazumitsu Fujii Head of Corporate Strategy and Head of Investor Relations
Naoto Hirayama Resource Director, R&D Japan
Keita Kakehashi Head of Talent and Reward and Head of Human Resources Asia
Masaya Kato Special Project
Shiro Kobayashi Head of Group Sustainability
Mamoru Ohara Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
Paul Ravenscroft Head of Mergers and Acquisitions
Iain Smith Finance Director - Global Finance
Takashi Suzuki Managing Director, Architectural Glass SBU Japan
Shinji Tsuchie Head of Information Device Division, Technical Glass SBU

(As at 12 January 2017)