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NSG Group - Research and Development

The NSG Group is a company founded on technological innovation in glass and invests in sustaining this technology to create value for our shareholders. 

As well as developing new products, significant R&D effort is focused on improving our glass manufacturing processes, improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental emissions and enhancing product quality.

Business line focus

Our R&D organization has been developed to meet the needs of our three business lines; Building Products, Automotive and Technical Glass. Information is shared, with each business line having access not only to its unique technologies, but also to those which are common to all.

Each business line operates a globally managed R&D program and there are strong links between them. Each program prioritizes objectives on a global basis, focusing on the need for cost reductions and investments required to bring new products to market.

The R&D function of each business line is fully integrated into a wider technology organization which provides a complete service to the relevant business line for the development and introduction of new technology.

Global locations

Our R&D facilities are located around the world, close to the businesses they support. The Building Products Business Line R&D Function has staff based in Germany, US, Japan and the UK, with the major centre of activity at the Group's European Technical Centre at Lathom in the UK.   Automotive R&D operates in the US, Italy Germany and Japan, as well as the European Technical Centre. Technical Glass R&D has its bases in Japan, with the largest centre in Yokkaichi.

In parallel, the Group's mid- and long-term R&D requirements are handled separately by the Central Research and Development Department, based at Itami, Japan. This Department also focuses on new areas which are not covered by any business line. In these areas, there is a close relationship between Central and business line activities to conduct research and development efficiently and effectively.

Research and Development Areas

Building Products

  • New functional glass and glazing (self-cleaning glass, low-emissivity glass, solar control glass, etc.)
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition online coating technology
  • Photovoltaic glass substrates
  • Fire protection glazing
  • Glass quality inspection technology
  • Float technology


  • Research and Development of new products, processes and equipment
  • Glazing Systems design, tooling and assembly equipment
  • Global New Model Introduction CAD data management
  • New Model Introduction glass prototype and tooling development for complex parts
  • Packaging design
  • Technical Support to operations worldwide

Technical Glass

  • New optical modules
  • Glass substrates for electronic devices
  • Glass flake
  • Glass cord
  • Separators for storage batteries

Other Areas

  • New functional glass materials
  • New glass processing technology
  • Glass substrates for biotechnology
  • Computer simulation technology