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Procure to Pay (P2P) - Getting paid on time

NSG Group and its subsidiaries aim to pay all their suppliers on-time in line with agreed payment terms.  NSG Group is continuing to standardise its payment processes and to reduce and simplify the type of payment terms which it will use with suppliers.  The use of a small number of standard payment terms will help us to improve the effectiveness of our supplier payment processes.


NSG Group is progressively working with its partner Ariba to introduce electronic invoicing with its suppliers.  Electronic invoicing provides benefits for both NSG Group and our suppliers.

Key benefits for suppliers:

  • Improved working capital management
  • Visibility on invoice status
  • Faster payment and reduction in DSO (days sales outstanding)
  • Removal of paper invoices and avoidance of re-keying
  • Electronic receipt of NSG purchase orders
  • Access to new customers via Ariba Supplier Network
  • Opportunities for discount proposals in return for earlier payment from NSG Group
  • Improved customer relationship with NSG Group and its subsidiaries

The implementation plan for electronic invoicing is as follows:

Suppliers to NSG Group legal entities in Germany, UK, Italy and Poland

Suppliers to NSG Group legal entities in the rest of Europe and North America

Further implementation beyond 2011 will be announced at a later date.

Further information about eInvoicing is available via the link below:

Contact the eInvoicing team:

Getting paid on time

For paper invoices NSG Group recommends the following guidelines should be followed to ensure prompt payment:

  • Always ensure that the NSG Group purchase order number is clearly stated on the invoices.
  • Always ensure that the invoice is sent to the correct address.  This is clearly stated on the NSG purchase order as the “invoice to” address and will be the address of the Finance Department.  Invoices should not be sent to other parties within NSG Group.
  • Invoices should be consistent with the structure of the purchase order that has been issued to you.
  • If you have not received a purchase order for the supply of goods or services please speak to your usual Procurement contact.  Invoices received by NSG Group which do not refer to a purchase order will be subject to delays in payment and in certain circumstances they may not be paid  Always therefore ensure that you have received a purchase order before supplying goods and services to NSG Group.