Our Mission

Our Vision

'Making a Difference to our World through Glass Technology'

Our Mission

To be the global leader in innovative high performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically

Our Values

People are our most important asset. We value:

  • Trust and mutual respect
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Teamwork and mutual support
  • Open communication
  • Initiative and creativity
  • Passion and resilience
  • Individual and social responsibility
  • Sustainability

Our Stakeholders

We aim to be judged as best in class by:

  • Our Customers - to be their preferred supplier for glass products and related services
  • Our Employees - to be their preferred place to work
  • Our Shareholders - to be their preferred long term investment
  • Our Suppliers  - to build strong mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, co-operation, innovation and sustainability
  • Our Communities - to be a good neighbour, wherever we operate

Our Guiding Principles

We will achieve success by:

  • Ensuring that all our actions add value and make our company sustainable
  • Being obsessed with safety, in the belief that all accidents are preventable
  • Following the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility in everything we do
  • Developing the potential, motivation and commitment of every individual
  • Achieving defined quality standards to satisfy all our customers
  • Staying ahead by constantly developing advanced technologies, innovative products and applications
  • Making decisions based on data, facts and analysis, working closely with operations, development and commercial teams
  • Exploiting synergies and eliminating waste, to ensure competitiveness
  • Striving for continuous improvement - in all our activities