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Key Facts and Figures

We produce high-quality glass products that make an important contribution to improving living standards, to people’s safety and well being and to the generation and conservation of energy.


Sales & other operating revenue: JPY 580,795 million in FY17
Paid-in capital: Approx. ¥116,463 million
Year of establishment: Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. - established in 1918
Pilkington - established in 1826
Current NSG Group - formed in 2006
Number of employees: Approx. 27,000
Float plants: 26 operated by NSG Group
Automotive plants: 22 in 14 countries
Technical Glass plants: 11 in 6 countries
Architectural downstream operations: In Japan, Europe and South America
R&D expenditure: JPY 8,470 million (in FY17)

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Technical Glass