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CEO Message


Making a Difference to our World through Glass Technology Keiji Yoshikawa 


The NSG Group has evolved, since the foundation of Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. in 1918, and as a member of the Sumitomo Group of Companies, we are a truly global company. Our products are supplied to the major markets of the automotive, architectural and technical, including display, glass sectors.

Our mission is to be a global leader in innovative high-performance glass and glazing solutions, contributing to energy conservation and generation, working safely and ethically. Glass has been produced in various forms for thousands of years and provides countless opportunities due to its versatility. Throughout its history, the NSG Group has been producing and supplying high quality glass and glazing products to the world.

In May 2014, we announced the NSG Group’s new Strategic Vision and Medium-term Plan. Our strategic vision is to transform the NSG Group into a “VA Glass Company”. The next 4 years are critical to the establishment of the Group as a “VA Glass Company”. The priority being to enhance our financial and operational performance while we shift to selling more value-added products as described in our new long-term vision.

In taking over this vision, I believe the key to delivering the targets in our Medium Term Plan is for our people working at the frontlines of business across the globe to grasp quickly what our customers need and to understand accurately what added value products are desired in each market, thus forming a strong foundation for a robust cycle of development, manufacturing and sales and marketing. Going forward, I intend to focus on accelerating the execution of the MTP.

We look forward to your continued support.

Shigeki Mori
President and CEO, NSG group

April 2015