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Technical Glass

World leader in thin display glass and optical devices for office machinery.


Key message


Our Technical Glass business operates in a number of discrete sectors, including the manufacture and sale of very thin glass for small displays, lenses and light guides for printers, as well as glass fiber products, such as battery separators and glass components for engine timing belts.

The NSG Group is a pioneer in the field of micro-optics, researching, developing and manufacturing a variety of optoelectronic products. Glass fiber has become a high-profile, high-tech material in a variety of fields: it is light and strong, heat-resistant, non-conductive and resistant to chemicals.


Around 1,600 employees.


Major fabrication facilities in Japan, China and Europe.

Global spread

World leader in thin display glass, optical devices for office machinery and glass fiber products.

Main products

  • Thin display glass
  • Copier/printer lenses
  • Glass cord
  • Battery separators